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Amol Consultants staffing solutions are backed by our recruiting framework and commitment to supporting our client's business in partnership and fulfilling our candidates careers. Our Talent Acquisition and Search Innovation Teams are blended of technology expertise across many business sectors and technology across infrastructure, development and executive staffing with advanced and innovative techniques and methods. It is through this that we have brought success to contingent, retained, project, consulting and ultimately to our clients / candidates.

We Provide


We help you create applications that are user-friendly, efficient, and scalable.



We build applications that are secure, reliable, and meet your specific needs.



We deploy your applications to the cloud or on-premises, so you start using them right away.



We provide general advice on all aspects of application development.



We help you develop and implement governance policies for your applications.



We help you manage your applications, so you can focus on your core business.

Our Services
More About our Services
Amol Consultants applies extensive industry expertise to design and execute industry-relevant reinventions to solve our client’s unique requirements while realizing exceptional business value from technology investments for them. Backed by a team of remarkable people, we bring global and local knowledge to each engagement.

  • Core System Implementation Services: Flexible models to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions for core insurance system implementations including project management, requirements definition, development, forms, testing, training, data migration, and production support.
  • Project Management: Full complement of PMO and project strategic consultative services focused on full lifecycle project management - strategic planning, portfolio management, project prioritization, governance optimizations, and project delivery. Experience with management of app dev projects, software development, and infrastructure implementations.
  • Project Delivery: We offer comprehensive management & delivery services including requirement gathering documentation, & management, B2B & B2C data interfaces, organizational change management, user interface design/usability improvement. Strategy for systematic alignment between technology and business operations, enabling prioritized strategy execution and rapid- paced transformation across all lines of business.
  • Business Analysis Services: Expert insurance business analysts that apply process and data driven requirements gathering to quickly scale requirements with in-house tech teams; then align and accelerate the process with a myriad mix of implementation methodologies.
  • Data Migration Services: Data migration accelerator framework specifically designed for insurance data with a solution for complex insurance data, including application uploads, data warehouse interfaces, legacy data migration, and book rolls. Architecture, technology, and services to simplify the development, delivery, maintenance, and support for bespoke data migration applications.
  • Testing Services: Expedited implementation of a complete testing process with cloud-based tools for test management and test automation specifically designed for the insurance industry. Additional functionality to report status, execute work plans, manage resources, and promote broader test coverage. How We Help Our Customers.
  • Custom Copilot Plug-ins (Beta): Infinity is pacing quickly to unlock the incredible power of Generative AI technologies and tools modeled after ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. Our dynamic team is working to integrate Generative AI models and monetize the opportunities hidden within your data to create integrated solutions available at the tips of your client’s fingers.
  • AE Brain (Digital Scaler): Flexible AI service for complete risk profiling across all digital channels to detect potential Adverse Events (AE), Technical Complaints & Legal/Compliance issues. Creating tremendous operational cost efficiencies for digital products at scale.
  • Real-Time Energy Monitoring & Demand Response System: Gateway to inner energy workings of consumer homes for self-managed conservation. AI/ML based communications system for 2-way connectivity to energy consumers for power usage & demand prediction.
  • Globe Reaper Drug Lifecycle Tracking: Artificial Intelligence based platform providing real time global clinical trial data management through business intelligence applications running on the cloud platform for a pharmacy.
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